Alberndorf  i.P.

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Alberndorf is a winegrowing community in the heart of the Northern Weinviertel, near the Czech border. It is not only popular because of its excellent white and red wine, but also because of its hospitable and open minded inhabitants. 

Alberndorf is located on history-charged grounds. Fossil records of the ridge that is located south of the village indicate the littoral of the Tertian sea, which was situated here 70 million years ago. Bones of mammoth, wooly rhino etc. from the ice age were found there. The oldest evidences of human culture are those of a Lower Paleolithic hunting station (about 28.000 years old). Many prehistoric fossil records indicate a probably partly settlement of our vicinity. The first mention of an estate called “Adalberno-Villa” dates back to the year 1100, when a man called Adeloth, who called himself Adelberndorfer, received a tenure. In the aftermath, border disputes between the Habsburgs and Bohemia again and again took place in the Pulkautal and also in Alberndorf. When there was peace in between, other afflictions fell upon us. Famines, locust swarms, floods, a big drought, the plague and cholera, and then again warhordes, such as Hussits, Turks, Swedes, French, Prussians and the First and the Second World War did not spare us. 

Nevertheless – or maybe just because of that – our inhabitants always were and still are open minded and respond to the wishes of their guests more open minded than other people elsewhere. We have learned to live life.   

In the year 1974 Alberndorf was named “European village” by the Council of Europe as the first village ever.

Alberndorf is located in 197m sea level and is home to about 738 people.

According to the census of 2001 Alberndorf obtained a rise in population of 12.81% since 1991. Therewith we are in the vanguard of the 24 communities in the district of Hollabrunn. A result which rightly makes us proud.